August 23, 2020


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WWE have revealed the ThunderDome (Video)


WWE have finally given us our first look at the WWE ThunderDome. The ThunderDome concept will see fans on screens all around the arena as the action takes place inside the ring. The first show from the WWE ThunderDome will be tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown.

You can check out the video of the WWE ThunDerdome posted below:

WWE’s shows for the next two months will be from the Amway Center. RAW, SmackDown and PPVs will take place there while NXT continues from Full Sail University.

Triple H’s thoughts on the WWE ThunderDome

Triple H was recently asked about WWE’s move to the Amway Center and the ThunderDome during his recent media call ahead of NXT TakeOver: XXX. Triple H said that everyone was excited for the ThunderDome and it would be great seeing the fans being a part of the energy:

I think that right now, with trying to move Smackdown, Summerslam, Raw for the foreseeable future to Amway Centre and all the undertaking that is happening there… It’s spectacular and I’ve seen it in various forms. Spectacular as that is going to be, the ThunderDome.

Obviously on Friday night, everybody is going to see their first shot of the ThunderDome, and I can tell you, personally for me, man I can’t tell you how much we’ve missed everyone. Our fans… just seeing everyone and having them be a part of it and that energy. It’s the secret sauce to everything we do.

I cannot wait to get them back, whether that’s on video or in any other way possible. So the sooner we can do that, the better, and that’s for every single thing we do. WWE fans are everything to us. H/T: Forbes

When asked why NXT was not moving to the Amway Center, Triple H said that they had an agreement with Full Sail University and that relationship was important to him. While main roster shows are filmed at the Amway Center, we will see NXT continue to tape at Full Sail for the foreseeable future.
Published 22 Aug 2020, 00:12 IST


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