December 3, 2020


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Experts urge to follow all corona precautions during this Pandemic

In the post unlocking amidst corona the experts suggest following all the precautions to avoid contracting the disease even as the people are becoming lax in following the guidelines.

“Initially, the corona patients were asymptomatic and 95 out of the 100 patients would show no symptoms but in the present circumstances, 100 percent of patients admitted in the hospital are showing moderate to severe symptoms of the disease. There is high occupancy of beds in the dedicated covid hospitals which are reporting severe cases,” says Dr. Achal Srivastava, Prof. Neurology Dept. , AIIMS

“There are many cases which are asymptomatic and who can unintentionally spread the disease so it is very important that everyone should follow the government guidelines on social distancing, wearing masks and use hand sanitizer,” says Dr. Anupam Prakash, Dept. Of Medicines , Lady Harding.

“In Delhi, we are doing much better than all over India. In Delhi, the recovery rate is 90 percent and the severity of cases in Delhi has also decreased. Initially when disease outbreak there were severe cases in which patients required ventilators. Now the patients are asymptomatic and even in cases where the patients are symptomatic the patients are showing mild symptoms having cough or mild sore throat but there are not cases where the patients required the ventilator,” says Dr. Jugal Kishor, Prof of Medicine, Safdarjung hospital.

Further when the first lockdown was clamped there were very less cases in a few of the states but after the unlock there has been a surge in the corona patients particularly in the southern states such as Tamil Nadu, Telangana. The cases are rising in these states where the reported cases are rising in thousands every day perhaps 2,000-3,000. In these states, the recovery rate is also good standing at 59-60 percent. There are also other states like Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh were cases are rising. People have to be more vigilant. Anybody can get the corona so everybody has to take the earlier issued advisory very seriously.

“It has been four months since we have been fighting Corona, but still, that is not under the control. In Delhi, it is slightly under control but we do not know when the next wave will come. Everywhere we are seeing that people are not following the guidelines for precaution. One should focus on full hygiene and should not only be restricted with the hand wash but also should adopt the habit of face wash.

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